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Whether you set up a monthly donation or make a one-time gift,
your contribution makes a lasting impact. 
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Local Impact

 These monthly gifts support the local chapter and provide financial aid for a  girl to attend a week of Summer Inspire with their Chapter. Ladies in your community will have the chance to experience  a life changing week of Inspire that would not be possible without your help.

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National Impact

Your gift not only helps your local community, but provides vital support of the Fidelis Organization, sustaining our programing and advancing our mission. Your support provides program content,  mentor support and resources,  and training for ladies in unreached communities.

Global Impact

Women play a key role in the  Church and in our world. As they participate in Fidelis, they grow in virtue and faith, which forms them and future generations in virtue, allowing them to face the world with confidence in God. A Sisterhood in Virtue and Mentorship allows women to fulfill their ultimate vocation, bringing forth souls for Heaven.

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