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Collecting Pollen from Flower
Become a Mission Supporter

Mission Supporters make Fidelis Chapters across the country possible, reaching women and girls far beyond their local parishes. 

The Fidelis Organization exists to help women and girls understand their dignity and worth as daughters of God.


When a woman understands the value of her worth, she is able to live a beautiful and virtuous life, drawing people in by her holiness and grace, and ultimately making a huge impact on her community by upholding a moral standard for herself and those around her.


Women have always had a major role infuencing our society and chaning our world, but when the virtue of women disentigrates, so does our society.


Through Fidelis women come to fully understand their identity and confidently give witness to a virtuous life.


Our World needs Fidelis!

Fidelis needs YOU!


As a nonprofit, Fidelis relies on the support of donors to sustain and grow the mission.


Thank you for your support! Please consider sharing this opportunity for support with friends and family!

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Why a Hive Drive?

The bee hive has a spirit of work, organization, and cooperation with the creator. This small creature, through her industrious teamwork produces the sweetest nectar.

"Go to the bee, and learn how industrious she is, and bow her industry deserves our respect, for kings and the sick make use of the product of her labor for their health. Indeed, she is glorious and desired by all, and though she be frail, she is honored, because she treasures wisdom."

-Septuagint Version of Proverbs Chapter 6

Will you become a Mission Supporter, working with us to bear the sweetest fruit through our labors, virtuous women who will change the world?

3 Levels of Support

$75: Hive Level recieves an 8x8 Canvas Print of Coronation of the Virgin by  Diego Velazquez

$150: Honey Level recieves the Print and Little Happy Honey Basket 

What's inside:
5.5 Wildflower Honey Jar
Honey Almond Soap
Wooden Dipper Stick

$250+: Queen Level recieves the Print, Basket and Set of 2 Theresian Candles


  • 100% Pure Florida Beeswax

  • Paraffin-free & lead-free, non-toxic & hypoallergenic

Dimensions: 4.5". x 2.75in.

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