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Cultivating a Habit of Prayer & Good Conversation: Navigating the Fidelis Family Group

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Thanks for joining us for our September Lady Mentor Training! Please access the recording of our zoom meet up by clicking here.

Cultivating a Habit of Prayer with Sister Susan Pieper of The Apostles of the Interior Life & Holy Family School of Faith

Sister Susan introduced a few practical ways of establishing a habit of prayer which, when lived out consistently, will lead to holiness. When you hear Jesus ask you, "What do you want me to do for you?" (Luke 18:35-43) How do you answer Him?

Kind of a loaded question, am I right?!? I have to chew on this - Of course, I want Him to make me a saint... but am I REALLY ready for that?! If I would have heard this 7 years ago, not gonna lie, this would have scared the be-gee-bees out of me!! Thankfully, with a lively and consistent habit of daily meditation which has been developing in my own spiritual life this "Jesus ask" doesn't seem so daunting or scary.

Sister equipped us with a plan for holiness. If you know me, I like an action plan! Jesus desires us to: 1) Hear/Listen to the call to holiness, 2) engage in daily meditation (mental prayer), 3) remain faithful to Him (Mass & Sacraments and living virtuous lives).

Prayer undergirds this action plan! Sister presented a simple formula to cultivate a habit of daily prayer too:






Or, more simply:




If your prayer life has been lax, dry, or non-existent (especially over the last year!) I'd like to encourage you to begin again - ask the Holy Spirit to guide your time and specifically, ask for a spirit of docility. Please know I am praying for you! Watch the recording and listen to how YOU can begin cultivating a habit of prayer!

Good Conversation: Navigating the Fidelis Family Group:

Family Group time at our Fidelis Nights is the FOUNDATION for building meaningful relationships where Mentorship comes alive! Our Lord desires our friendship, and this is what we have been created for!!

As women, we should all be keenly aware that we crave relationship/friendship - we are made for it. In our feminine receptivity we long for “connection” with others.

So, how do things get started in your groups?? Some groups like to do things like “roses & thorns,” “happiness and crappies,” or "highs and lows." Even though this is a GREAT exercise in getting the Sisters who feel comfortable talking, we must remember that when we are navigating a new group or even trying to draw in a new sister, this kind of conversation can very easily dominate the Family Group Time leaving nothing for the MEAT of the content — now, don’t get me wrong… some of these conversations can be great entry ways into getting to know the Sisters better and begin building some trust... just be mindful of your time.

Alot about conversation… but what about silence?? Cultivate silence - the Sisters, if not all of us are bombarded by “noise” all day long… the Sisters have been in school or in a zoom classroom all day and the last thing they want is another talking head… Mentors do not need to do all of the talking! Let there be silence. Let the question(s) simmer in the silence.

Check out the recording for the different "personalities"you may encounter in your Fidelis Family Group.

Above all, when we are prayerfully preparing for Fidelis Nights we are better able to allow the Holy Spirit into our conversations. Let Him help you lead the conversation in a fruitful direction.

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