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Living the Fidelis Lifestyle Part 1

Training: Holy Week Ideas for your Chapter (see also HOLY WEEK post from March 2021)

As we move into the probably the busiest period of the Fidelis Season we take some time to focus on just what it means to live Fidelis - and live it well!

Through various exercises and activities this Formation Series is meant to assist the Fidelis Lady in breaking open the deeper meaning of the Fidelis apostolate and help to focus the Fidelis Lady on her mission within Fidelis (in her chapter and beyond!). We use goal setting techniques, as well as reviewing health and wellness principles to assist in your longevity as a Daughter of the King, Fidelis Sister, and Fidelis Lady!

The Basics of the Fidelis Lifestyle

  1. Attending Fidelis Nights Consistently

  2. Consistent Daily Meditation

  3. In full communion with Holy Mother Church

  4. Maintaining connection with the Chapter by using your gifts for the advancement of the Chapter

  5. Honoring and caring for your “Cathedral”- good nutrition, sleep, prayer, leisure and meaningful work

Who is a Fidelis Lady?

  1. Lifelong Learner - Prayer, Spiritual Reading, Retreats

  2. Strives in Holiness (through daily meditation, The Sacraments, self knowledge)

  3. Has Healthy Habits: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Prayer, Leisure

  4. Strives for meaningful relationships

  5. Is a leader

  6. Sets Goals

  7. Consistent follow through

  8. Strives for virtue - better, holier

  9. Exercises prudence - takes time for discernment

  10. Equipped for the Night - What’s in her Bag??

Dive into the Fidelis Lifestyle conversation here.

We look forward to seeing you on April 12, 2022 from 8pm - 9pm Eastern for our April Monthly Ladies Meet Up. In April we focus on the 3 Pillars of Fidelis: Sisterhood, Virtue & Mentorship! These meetups are for all Fidelis Ladies, PALs and Lead Ladies. Please register here for your seat!

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