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Living the Fidelis Lifestyle, Part 2: The 3 Pillars of Fidelis

Sisterhood, Virtue & Mentorship! These are the pillars of Fidelis. Do we LIVE the pillars of Fidelis? Wait... do we know what these pillars even mean? How do these pillars play out in our life as Fidelis Ladies, Fidelis Sisters?

Last month we looked deeper into "WHO" is a Fidelis Lady... this month Jessamyn breaks open the "WHY" and the "WHEN" of our mission as: disciples, mentors, and Fidelis Ladies.

A quick review:

Who is a Fidelis Lady?

  1. Lifelong Learner - Prayer, Spiritual Reading, Retreats

  2. Strives in Holiness (through daily meditation, The Sacraments, self knowledge)

  3. Has Healthy Habits: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Prayer, Leisure

  4. Strives for meaningful relationships

  5. Is a leader

  6. Sets Goals

  7. Consistent follow through

  8. Strives for virtue - better, holier

  9. Exercises prudence - takes time for discernment

  10. Equipped for the Night - What’s in her Bag??

Dive into the Fidelis Lifestyle: 3 Pillars conversation here.

We look forward to seeing you on June 14, 2022 from 8pm - 9pm Eastern for our June Monthly Ladies Meet Up. In June we focus on INSPIRE!!

Our INSPIRE Prep Party will cover some basic and some very important information regarding Fidelis INSPIRE 2022 and how you can engage the entire chapter into this summer event - including the Sisters who cannot attend! We will also provide a short workshop on how to conduct an INSPIRE parent meeting

These meetups are for all Fidelis Ladies, PALs and Lead Ladies. Please register here for your seat!

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