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Sisterhood Redeemed Part 1: Authenticity in Sisterhood

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

This past summer at Fidelis INSPIRE, during our Lady Mentor break out on Friendship, one of the women brought to the surface something that many women struggle with: SISTERHOOD. In a culture where language is far less intentional than it used to be we see how damaging words can really be. The word "sister" for many women can bring up a host of emotions and feelings which at times can be pretty raw. We believe Jesus is using Fidelis to REDEEM Sisterhood!

As Daughters of the King and Fidelis Sisters we are journeying shoulder to shoulder toward heaven by living out virtue everyday! We support one another, we challenge each other, and we invite our Sisters into the safe harbor of authentic friendship - authentic SISTERHOOD!

During the months of October, November 2021, and January 2022 our Lady Mentor MeetUps will be focusing on just this... REDEEMING SISTERHOOD!

On October 12, 2021 we were joined by Christine Wisdom, LCMHC of Wisdom Integrative Counseling During Christine's presentation she laid out for us barriers in Sisterhood using our relationship with Jesus as the model for our friendship(s) with others while recognizing our own woundedness. Christine reminds us that when we move toward healing we can more fully live out our feminine identity and have authentic relationships in sisterhood. Our main goal: Living & Speaking the Truth in Love!

Engage in October's Formation (click here) and take some time to reflect and pray with this beautiful presentation, where she lays out a guide to prudence in our relationships:

1) Begin with Self Examination: reflect: "What are the wounds preventing me from having authentic relationships with my Sisters in Christ?"

2) When I think of Sisterhood, what comes to mind? What friends do I have that I can truly confide in? Do I have friends who I need to forgive? What are my desires related to finding and keeping Christ centered relationships in my life?

3) Love requires boundaries. Sharing in relationships should be ordered and communicate the truth in love.

4) Make a plan to prioritize virtuous friendships - begin working on the barriers to these types of friendships.


SESSION 2 of our FIDELIS NIGHT TRAINING: Games: Ready, Set Engage! - Games, crafts, Icebreakers, where and how to use them effectively to engage Sisters AND Ladies