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Sisterhood Redeemed Part 2 - "Living Prudence in Mind, Body & Soul" Featuring: Gina Loehr

"Prudence can also be considered wisdom," just might be a new way to consider how we develop in this virtue.

Gina Loehr, this month's speaker, did a lovely job breaking open Prudence for us. During her talk I was struck by her comment about how the purity of the girls can reveal some wisdom which I need in my life. WOW! What a reminder of how God is working through our authentic Christ-centered relationships!! Pour a cup of tea and settle in for this lovely presentation with Gina and your fellow Fidelis women.

You might have noticed that a training on the King's Message already exists on our website. I urge you to take a look at this portion as well as a way to reinforce the FAST method. Besides, the best part of this live training was how a new Lady shared her King's Message which she wrote then and there using the method... proof that the message can be real, and meaningful when following these time tested steps. Our aim here Ladies is to share: our stories, our testimonies our LIVES with the Sisters as we mentor EACH OTHER.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Ladies and we look forward to seeing you all in January when our Formation and Training MeetUps continue!

On January 11, 2022 (8pm Eastern Time) we welcome Sonja Corbitt as we wrap up our Sisterhood Redeemed Series. Sonja will discuss how we live out Prudence in our relationships. We will also continue our Fidelis Night Training - How to engage FIAT: Planning, Mentoring, Engaging Sisters at Fidelis Nights and Events. Please register for this meet up here.

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