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Fidelis Nights
Fidelis chapters gather weekly to study one of the virtues. Each Fidelis Night includes a movie clip related to the virtue, a King's Message given by a mentor, and small group time to discuss the virtue and how to apply it in our daily lives. 

Over the course of the year, we study each virtue in 1-2 units, each unit consisting of 3-5 weeks of content. We focus on one virtue for a few weeks at a time so the girls can dive into the beauty of each virtue and how it applies to their lives.

The King's Message

Mentors sign up a few weeks in advance to give The King's Message, which is a short talk and personal testimony about that week's virtue in action. We send out content for each lesson ahead of time so that mentors have time to study the virtue, pray about their talk, and prepare the King's Message. 

Family Groups

Mentors lead small groups with assistance from the Fidelis book. With guided questions and thoughts from the saints, the girls have the opportunity to dive more deeply into the virtue and discuss with their sisters how they plan to work on the virtue that week.



Fidelis chapters from across the country gather annually for a week of summer fun in the mountains of East Tennessee. By offering the Sacraments, outdoor activities, small group time, and more, this weeklong camp and retreat is the perfect opportunity for Fidelis sisters to grow in virtue and sisterhood.

By beginning and ending each session in prayer, attending daily Mass, and offering Confession throughout the week, Inspire remains sacramentally focused so that the sisters learn how to live lives of prayer.


Fidelis sisters grow in community by praying together, participating in activities and games, spending time in small groups, and sharing meals together.


Our days are jam-packed with fun-filled activities including whitewater rafting, paintball, swimming in a wave pool, hiking, outdoor recreation, crafts, and more. There is an activity for everyone!

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