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How do I

1. Obtain pastor support.

It is vital that each Fidelis chapter is backed by a parish both ministerially and financially. If you need resources to share with your pastor, please fill out a contact form.

2. Build a volunteer base.

Thriving Fidelis chapters are supported by committed volunteers, including women of all ages in the parish. Volunteers must commit to preparing for weekly chapter meetings by reading the lessons and resources sent by Fidelis and praying for their sisters. We understand that conflicts may arise with weekly Fidelis nights, but we ask that volunteers plan on attending all scheduled Fidelis nights.

Helpful Hint: Reach out to mothers of all boys! They often love volunteering with Fidelis to get extra girl time in during the week.

3. Contact Fidelis to start your chapter!

When you have pastor support and a group of committed volunteers, contact us! We are so excited to accompany you on this journey with Fidelis!

For the Boys

Check out our Brother Ministry, Fraternus.

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