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HOLY WEEK - Ideas from Our St. Mark Chapter

The St. Mark Fidelis chapter will have our last gathering before Easter this Wednesday. (We usually meet during Holy Week, but not this year.) Our church is having a Vigil Mass for the Solemnity of the Annunciation and then a procession. The Fraternus brothers will carry the litter with Mary and the Fidelis sisters will present roses at the end of the procession. I say this to let you know our Fidelis night is shorter than usual, and there is some focus on Mary. Attached is an outline of their HOLY WEEK mini-retreat for any chapter that might want to use it. Environment: A cross, some tea lights, maybe some tulle with white lights. We are hoping to be outside so we will work the environment to that space. (Set up will work inside as well.) We will have the sisters separate onto kneelers pre-placed in front of the cross. They will be given a prayer sheet containing the opening and closing prayers, and several sticky notes and a pen to record their thoughts and offerings. They will be able to adhere them to the cross during the reflection time. Soft instrumental music will play during the reflection. Here are some photos of environment ideas. We are happy to share and can answer any questions people might have.

Please feel free to reach out to Dianne Rider at
Lenten Reflection Night - share with Pri
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