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Sisterhood Redeemed: Prudence in Our Relationships & FIAT: What it is and Why it Matters!

Happy New Year Fidelis Ladies!!

As we grow in our faith and as Fidelis Ladies we might like to take some time and reflect on how the 3 pillars of Fidelis have begun to integrate into our lives:

+ Virtue

+ Sisterhood

+ Mentorship

In our Sisterhood Redeemed series this season we took a little deeper dive into different aspects of Sisterhood where virtue plays an important part in building and redeeming our sisterhood bonds - bonds we have with our Fidelis Sisters and even the bonds with women in our families and in our communities.

In our first session we focused on Authenticity and healing - how woundedness impacts the depth of our relationships and our capacity to love and receive. Then, in our second session we dove into how we live out Prudence in Mind, Body and Soul. Through the integration of virtue into each aspect of our lives we can be more fully present to how God is working through our relationships. Finally, in our last session of our 2021 Sisterhood Redeemed Series we looked at Prudence in Friendships - here we began to evaluate our boundaries and what we allow into our relationships... is it for our our good or not? Is it sinful or is it life-giving?

Grab a cup of tea (or coffee!) and dive back into all three pieces of this series and reflect on where you are at in some of your relationships - maybe reflect on these things:

+ Am I present to my fellow Fidelis Ladies: in conversation and in service?

+ As a Lady Mentor, am I truly entering into each Fidelis Night prayerfully so I may live out Prudence and/or Wisdom with my Family Group?

+ Am I actively pursuing a life of virtue as a Fidelis Lady? Or am I just a "warm body" at Fidelis each week?

THEN... make a resolution! Here are some suggestions:

+ Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you HOW He would like for you to engage more deeply in your Fidelis Sisterhood. Then, in Prudence - ACT.

+ Make a "Fidelis Date" with one of your fellow Fidelis Ladies and discuss how you might help one another in your pursuit of virtue. Accountability is a beautiful thing!